Thermo Tanks

The CTI Thermo Tanks represent our robust and hygienic
solutions for thawing, chilling and bleeding for food processing. 

The CTI Termo tanks represent automatic solutions for thawing, chilling and bleeding of Seafood or meat products. The Termo tanks offer a myriad of benefits to the Seafood processing industry, ranging from product quality assurance, hygienic/easy clean design, robust construction and compliance with regulatory standards. 

At CTi, we believe that the things that work are tested by time and upgraded to match modern day standards. This is exactly what we achieved with our Thermo Tanks. With their innovative design and advanced capabilities, these tanks are indispensable tools for food manufacturers seeking to optimize their production processes and deliver high-quality products to consumers.

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Thermo Tanks

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Increased Quality of Raw Material

Our Thermo tanks offer precise temperature control. Its reliable performance, achieved through few moving parts, slow speed, and robust design, enhances throughput while maintaining the highest standards of fish quality. 

          • Lower driploss. 

          • Increased quality of the product. 

          • Less risk of wastage due to less quantity of raw material in production. 

          • First in-First out (FIFO). 

          • Gentle handling. 

          • Gentle transportation. 

          • Reducing the bacterial influence in the water. 

Reducing maintainence and operating costs:

Optimized Space Utilization

We help our Clients by making custom designed Termo tanks specifically designed to customer needs in combination with available production space. This allows food manufacturers to optimize their layout, increase throughput, and enhance overall operational efficiency. 

More than that we also think about transportation. Our CTI Termo tanks can easily be transported by container to any part of the world. 

Hygienic and Sanitary Design

CTI Thermo tanks are constructed from AISI304 or AISI316 materials and feature smooth surfaces with minimal crevices, facilitating thorough cleaning and sanitization. This design helps prevent bacterial growth and contamination, ensuring the highest hygiene standards for the food industry. 

Efficient Cooling/Thawing Process

The fully automated CTI Thermo tanks operate with minimal pressure, thereby minimizing structural cell damage to the fish muscle during the thawing process. With an emphasis on gentle handling, the tank ensures that the integrity of the fish is preserved, resulting in superior product quality. In addition, labor costs is saved with the use of a simple machine operator. 

Technical Specifications

Material: AISI 304 or 316 stainless steel.
Screw: Stainless steel core module with stainless steel plates heavy-duty steel construction. 
Screw speed: Adjustable, approx. 0,1 rpm – 0,09 m/min at 50 Hz. 
Conveyor drive: Breaker switch in a stainless-steel control cabinet. 

Water level control: Automatic leveler of water height for protecting the circulation pump 
Heating utility: The temperature of the water in the tank is regular with a heat exchanger. That item is controlled with a control valve which conduct the water flow from heating utility or boiler. 
Filter: Stainless steel coarse filter on circulations pipe, cleansable.

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