Edge Drive Spiral Freezer

A superior freezing, cooling and proofing solution. Handcrafted in Denmark. Zero Compromises.

This space-saving spiral freezer delivers continuous uniform freezing and high production capacities of meat, poultry, seafood, vegetable and baked products.

Each product piece is frozen uniformly regardless of its position on the conveyor belt. Temperature, air circulation and conveyor speed are independently adjustable and PLC controlled.

Our Edge Drive freezer has no internal drum drive, making cleaning simple and efficient.

Insulated cabinet and stainless steel construction are built to Danish standards.

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Edge Drive Spiral Freezer

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PoultryMeatFishShrimpShellfishBaked GoodsVegetables, Dairy

* Model is shown as stand-alone, without freezer cabinet. Model shown is based on demo model configurations.

Edge Drive Transmission

Dual-transmission system driven by a single motor per belt.

No Internal Drum

Our Edge Drive freezer has no internal drum drive, which makes cleaning simple and efficient, removes unnecessary belt tension, and improves airflow conditions for the Horizontal Airflow system.


Fully welded stainless steel frame. Stainless steel mesh belt. (Optional: Tangential conveyor)


Edge Drive conveyors can be configured in height, width and position to match individual plant requirements.


Edge Drive conveyors are fully configurable. We offer a unique conveyor configuration where in-feed and out-feed are positioned at the same height.

Technical Specifications

Cabinet: White PVC-coated polyurethane panels with access doors. (Optional: Full stainless steel)
Floor: Stainless steel floor with drain for cleaning.
Conveyor: Stainless steel frame. Stainless steel mesh belt. (Optional: Tangential conveyor)
Evaporator: Stainless steel pipes with pressed ALU fins (Optional: Hot Dip Galvanized)
Coolant media: Pump system: O2, R717, DX system e.g. R404A or other (Please consult CT international)

Defrosting: The evaporator is prepared for Hot Gas (Optional: Electric heating, if hot gas is not available)
Air temperature: Down to -38° C
Airflow: Horizontal Airflow System
Control panel: PLC and touchscreen for easy operation
Refrigeration system: Not included.

Infeed/Outfeed Configurations:

Over 65,000 possible configurations.

Edge Drive conveyors can be configured to match individual plant requirements.

Optional extended configuration:

Up to 4 belts in 1 spiral.

Each belt with independant freezing control.

Quality. Performance. Innovation.

It is the philosophy of CTi to ensure that our specialized systems and components always grant reliability, reduce product loss, raise quality, save energy and improve both throughput and ROI.

CTi’s innovative Edge Drive Spiral Freezer is a hallmark of our philosophy. The Edge Drives innovative design eliminates the risk of catastrophic failure common in traditional systems, such as belt flipping. With a positive conveyor sprocket drive, Edge Drive belts provide a smooth, continuous product flow and are gentle with fragile or delicate products. They save money by protecting product quality, increasing throughput, decreasing footprint and reducing waste.

Edge Drive is a dual-transmission system driven by a single motor. By removing the center drum, commonly found in spiral freezers, we have relieved unnecessary belt tension and given unobstructed access to the spiral conveyor. Greater access allows for not only easier cleaning, but also for increased airflow, and that means greater freezer efficiency.

We have coupled the Edge Drive conveyor with a Horizontal Airflow system. The result is that every product, no matter of its location on the belt, is subject to the exact same airflow and therefore exits the freezer with a uniform temperature.

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