Our Mission

Durability and reliability are not just abstract concepts, they’re tangible company objectives. 

Investing in ways to improve equipment quality, durability and performance is a never ending venture, and never just an option. Every machine, every technology and every design is the result of a clear vision – to put durably engineered equipment in every market we serve. It’s a vision that has driven us from the start. After all, we are Danish. We believe in the power of design to solve problems, and the value of construction built to last.

Our teams of expert engineering, design and technical personnel act as industry consultants and process partners to deliver highly engineered equipment and systems, critical to food manufacturing processes. We’ve built a team we are truly proud of and are always striving to hire and retain world-class talent.

We pride ourselves on our history of serving global food processors, as well as on our present ingenuity to continue to deliver better ways of serving our customers and our industry.