Offshore Steam Cooker

Patent No. : PR 179324
CTi’s On-board Steam cooking solution.
Speedy. Delicious. Healthy.

The CTi Offshore Steam Cooker is a fully automatic PLC-controlled batch cooker for use on factory trawlers.

Time of cooking and cooling as well as temperature can be individually adjusted and programmed for multi-set point cooking. Constructed from duplex steel to withstand the harsh environment of salt and heat. A minimum level of maintenance is required.

Improved Product Quality: Consistent, uniform and predictable cooked product.
Food Safety: The Offshore Steam Cooker meets today’s rigorous food safety and sanitary design principles. Easy access for cleaning and sanitization. Minimizes the risk of shell fish asthma.

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Offshore Steam Cooker

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Optional: Cooling unit (recommended).
Optional: Automatic product loader and unloader.

On-board Steam cooking solution

Advantages of steam cooking compared to boiling 1


Quicker processing time approx. 20% faster.


Up to 4,22 % higher yield.


Improved product texture.


Improved flavour composition.


A gentler cooking.


Improved process control.


Multi-set point cooking, time and temperature.


Reduced risk of blueing.


Reduced risk of shellfish asthma.

1. Kongekrabbe – foredling og industriell bearbeiding, Siikavuopio et. al. 2011

The cooker consists of a system of baskets in which product is cooked one batch at a time. The gentle steam cooking process ensures uniform cooking. After cooking, the product is cooled and ready for freezing when exiting the cooker.

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